What Not to do While Buying a Sofa! — May 20, 2015

What Not to do While Buying a Sofa!

What not to do while buying a sofa!

Come to think of it, you practically live the whole time on your couch. It is an all-important piece of furniture that needs to fit your home and lifestyle well. When you want the right sofa, you’ve got to avoid some of the most common mistakes that people make. This is why it’s important to consider these points when you are buying a new sofa.

No point of buying a sofa upholstered in fabric

Don’t replace a sofa that is still in good shape because you are tired of the fabric. The problem is you will eventually get sick of a bold plaid, floral or any strong striped fabric. Because sofas are a sizable investment, get something that’s evergreen and you are sure to love for many years. You can pick something neutral. It sort of serves as a blank slate and you can simply remake it with accent pillows.

Sofa Singapore
If you really want to go for something bold just start with a smaller piece, like an ottoman.

How easy is it to clean?

Of course food will spill and so will wine. Dogs will shed and you can’t stop cats from coughing up hair balls. Pizzas, popcorn’s and fizz will sooner or later make its place on your sofa, like it or not! This is why you need something that is prepared to handle it. Walk into a furniture sale Singapore has and go with something you don’t have to fuss over. Sofa Singapore hubs may have those all white options but they can be a nightmare to deal with and clean.

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Don’t buy something uncomfortable

Don’t even think of buying a couch you think you won’t really sleep on. Couches are your love in the house. You would want to come down and lie on them and rest and read. Don’t pick something excitedly just because that furniture sale Singapore online market comes up with is too tempting. It’s essential that your sofa be that comfortable. You can’t tell how great a sofa is for you unless you sit in it in your lounging position and see how you feel about it.

Size matters. Always!

Check if the sofa will be located. If the sofa will be in front of a large window, get someone with a low back so it doesn’t block the view. If the windows of your room throw in lots of light, you must go with something that is light-colored and won’t fade easily. Get a sofa that fits the scale of the room. Check if the room is too big and already overcrowded, or you have a room that is soft and cozy. Don’t let the sofa add to the chaos. Choose the right size!

Unveiling the Trends in Singapore Furniture — March 23, 2015

Unveiling the Trends in Singapore Furniture

How are the trends dictated and who sets them? Well, to begin with, trends are not fads. Trends are driven by various factors in the industry and not just by some critics or reviewers online. Trends are the undercurrents that drive what you actually finally see on sale in sofa Singapore stores.Furniture SingaporeThere are many forces working behind the furniture trends. Interestingly, with each passing year, the consumers are become younger with more and more independent women buying more than ever. And then you have technology which drives a lot of furniture online in Singapore. Let’s look at a few interesting trends:

Turning furniture green
Green furniture has always been there but now it’s mainstream like never before. With the climate change becoming a threatening reality and increasing awareness on matters of deforestation and its impact on climate change, people are choosing to go green. The toxic finishes on the air inside houses is leading furniture buyers to ask for green furniture even from furniture online Singapore sites.
Furniture Online SingaporeAnd then you have the manufacturers who are turning to greener modes of production, especially so in the sofa Singapore section. Thanks to the diminishing resources and pollution concerns that are now leading to use of recycled, re-purposed materials. In a step to reduce landfills, manufacturers are acting smart and using leftovers from torn down buildings for furniture.

Making room for less
Living spaces are rapidly shrinking. The last decade saw an explosion of furniture with smaller profiles. Sofa in Singapore has reduced majorly in size. Even online furniture Singapore sites have turned to smaller options. Ponderous furniture has no place in homes today. People are looking at less ornate furniture. The styles are turning contemporary with this.  The interesting bit is, even recliners in smaller profiles are being preferred.
Furniture SingaporeMultifunctional furniture is the way ahead
This is definitely not a new concept but is a rising reality. This could also be a factor of smaller space living. When you have enough space, and it is at premium, go with furniture that can perform multiple tasks for you. Many buyers today are looking for extra storage which reduces the clutter significantly. There is furniture that comes with storage space not just in your tables but also under beds and in entertainment consoles.

Driven by technology
It’s one of the most loved ways of going about furniture purchase today. Modern technology has determined furniture design as well. It is most available in designing entertainment centers.

There’s a lot of furniture available out there. Take your call by picking on something you truly can afford and is of use instead of just taking something because it’s trending. Happy shopping!