Are you tired of replacing your outdoor furniture every few years? We all want that something that will last forever but it doesn’t hold true for the patio bit. Gone are the days when a stone bench or granite-topped tables were the best options in outdoor furniture that could withstand all seasons. These are days when wood, metal and plastic furnishings for patios, lovely balconies and exuberant decks have come alive and making their presence felt. So where does one begin?

Sofa Singapore

Metal furnishings

Yes they are the most durable but are also really expensive. They are available in powder-coated metal also. You will be able to find plenty of these options on furniture online Singapore stores. These have a long, colorful life, and are less expensive. At the same time, you need more maintenance for these.

Go with self resistant fabrics

If you really want to create true living spaces outdoors, there are plenty of attractive outdoor furniture Singapore has on offer. These are available at comfortable prices. You can take a sofa with deep cushions covered in weather-resistant fabrics. These are your steel-and-wood frame sofas which look amazingly well. You can always replace the fabric so make sure you pay extra attention to the sofa frame and see how comfortable it really is even when the cushions are not there.

What to use in Teak?

When it comes to teak, don’t can’t go wrong with the brand you buy it from. You can’t go wrong there at all. Teak has a lovely finish with elegant lines. Pick a dining table from any furniture Singapore hub and pick something in square shape which is a flexible design that works well with traditional or modern chairs .

Do not use conventional expected furniture sets. Experiment and create a mix from a bunch of outdoor furniture Singapore offers. From hammocks, to benches and even rocking chairs, find concepts that are unusual and out of the ordinary. Pick from something that is not the usual. For instance, a laid back sofa, or a rocking chair that is not boring and old.

Choose interesting colors

From pastels, we’ve come a long way in outdoor furniture. You can try everything from a laid back orange to a beautiful red. Everything that oozes out elegance and class along with a dash of chic is welcome. Pair two colors together and let the green of your garden compliment them. There are many interesting ways to get things rolling when it comes to outdoor options.

Make your patio look fresh and alive with sprinkles of new furniture and options that not only last long but are sure to leave your guests amazed. Try colours, cushions and laid back accessories to make your outdoor space look alive.