Whether you call it a couch or a sofa, that large and comfortable piece of furniture in your living room definitely makes a big impact on the complete look of the room. The color choices for the rest of the room are also affected by the same. Surveys have often revealed that that your couch in the drawing room or the sofa, is actually one among the top three furniture expenditures at home. You have to be very wise in choosing it as it will be with you for many years.Sofa SingaporeHow to begin

When looking for a good sofa Singapore has many options. When you are beginning a decorating project from scratch, let the sofa be your first choice so you can decorate around it. What you choose really depends on how you like your furniture on the whole. For instance, you can opt for a showpiece sofa just as an inspiration in a room. You can choose to use vibrant luxury fabric on this or cover it in a colorful print. If you are adding a sofa to a room that already has its theme, then it becomes important to choose the right color. While some think that sofa must match the wall color which unifies the room, others may not feel it’s that important. What you choose should just give an overall harmonious look to the room.Sofa SingaporeLight shades or dark?

When looking through designer furniture Singapore hubs, consider your floor color. For instance, will a dark go well on wood flooring that is dark? Sofa is large and upholstered. Most of its fabric absorbs light and that darkens a room. If you’re putting a dark sofa on a dark floor, the two will melt together and nothing will stand out. A sofa with metal or light wood legs does well on a darker floor. If you already have one that is dark, use a lighter rug in front of the sofa to give it all a visual definition.

Sofa SingaporeA light-colored sofa comes with its own challenges. The biggest challenge is that of stains and wear. Before selecting a white or light sofa, keep in mind the way you use your room at present and not how you think you will use it later. If you have a pet and he considers your sofa to be large dog bed, then a white sofa will be a disaster.sofaChoosing the color

Once you’re done deciding on the shade, light or dark, the next thing is to consider a color choice. Neutral color is a popular choice. They are easy to experiment with and decorate. They can easily stand style changes. Among neutral sofa fabrics, beige, taupe and cream are really popular. A matte beige sofa fabric looks a bit dull which is why textured beige fabrics do a good job.